Brave Hearts Battle Hard

The Battle on the Barwon was the first Dragon Boat Regatta of this season. Thirteen teams from across Victoria competed to take out the fastest time in the 5.7km open time trial.

The team show off their new walk out polo shirts which were well received by the dragon boat community

Taking off from the start quickly, and settling into a powerful rate early on helped Brave Hearts keep their lead. Our skilled sweep Murray provided a clean and swift turn, allowing the team to quickly recover and power through the last half of the race.

Although other teams were on Brave Hearts tail, the crew mustered the strength to push forward on the last bend and bring the dragon boat home strong, everyone partaking in some vocal grunting and encouragement as they crossed the line.

Paddles up, the Barwon team poses for the camera

With the ultimate challenge being to improve on your own team’s time, Brave Hearts came out as winners, shaving over three minutes off their time from the previous year. Last year Brave Hearts finished with a time of just over 34 minutes. Their 2017 effort saw the team complete the time trial in 31:31. Well done Brave Hearts.

Brave Hearts return their dragon boat after a tremendous Battle on the Barwon.

Geelong Dragon Boat club also presented a new challenge, a 12 minute rowing erg competition. Angelika, Brenda, Brendan, Gavin, Murray and Therese all participated, rowing for two minutes each, achieving a total distance of 3,017 metres. A remarkable effort considering half of the team had never been on a rowing erg before, and may have fell off only a few strokes in.

Our rowing erg A-Team before they started.

In an annual tradition for a best crew hat competition, Brave Hearts Dragon Boat club kept things alive with their display of pirate wigs, scarves, hats and masks; taking home first place.

A quick snapshot from the night before where Brave Hearts comradery was on full display.

Dragon Boat Season Launch

Over the weekend Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club marked the launch of a new season of summer sport in Albury Wodonga.

The day kicked off with a BBQ Lunch as members and guests arrived, followed by a welcome from the Club Co-ordinator Narelle Haining.

A Dragon Boat Tug-of-War

Coaches Mike and Brendan line up the crews for a bit of fun competition.

Local Albury City Council, Cr David Thurley, along with MP Bill Tilley and MP Greg Aplin also talked about Brave Hearts and the impact Dragon Boating has made to the Albury Wodonga region.

Amongst our guests during the launch were members from the Rotary Club of Albury. The Rotary Club of Albury provided a significant grant to assist Brave Hearts in purchasing our two loading pontoons, which have proven to make loading boats for training faster and safer.

Narelle welcomes guests to the season launch.

Co-ordinator Narelle Haining talks at the season launch.

Awakening of the Dragons

Diane Edmondson, Team Manager facilitated the Awakening of the Dragons Ceremony. Four junior Brave Hearts along with two senior members, MP Bill Tilley and MP Greg Aplin took part in waking the dragons and blessing the boats for a safe and successful season.

Awakening of the dragons

Juniors, local MPs and long standing Brave Hearts awaken the dragons.

A Friendly Competition

With the dragons now awake, Brave Hearts members and community spectators had a quick warm-up, before heading out on the water. The competition was fierce but friendly; many of our new guests enjoying the experience of getting a paddle wet for the first time.

100 metre sprints were first up, and although the pink boat may have started out in front more than once, the blue boat came home strong every time. Both boats coming first… At least in their lane.

Then was the time for the much anticipated Tug-of-War. Both teams battled hard, almost knocking their sweeps off the back. The excitement was high, with a fury of splashes and grunting coming from the boats, and cheering from the shore. Both teams seemed to go nowhere, although in the end the pink boat seemed to have stuck its nose out in front, helped by the current for sure.

All in all, everyone had a great day and a bit of fun. Spectators went home and our regular dragon boat training session started at 4pm.

We had another excellent training session, with two boats out on the water practising endurance and tight turns for the Battle on the Barwon. Next weekend will see our Brave hearts crew heading down to Geelong to compete in the social event Battle of the Barwon, a 6 km time race. We wish all those attending the very best in achieving a record time.