Setting our sites high in Falls Creek…

Posted by Kellie Jones on February 1, 2019

After a month of extremely hot weather it was quite a shock to encounter freezing cold conditions, fog and rain when we competed up at beautiful Falls Creek on the 26th of January. The change in temperature however didn’t deter our team and we had a fantastic day of racing bringing home 6 trophies: 5 firsts, and 1 third. Results were:

First – Premier Women’s 10s (Gold)
First – Senior A Mixed 10s
First – Senior A Women’s 10s (Purple)
First – Senior A Open 10s
First – Survivors and Supporters race
Third – Senior A Women’s 10s (Gold)


The day started off with an 800m tri-point sweeps challenge. This was a first for DBV, and not having done it before we all thought it was a lot of fun. The challenge came however when the fog rolled in and the buoys became hard to spot, making it a little difficult to see the course.

We were extremely excited to have a full 10s crew of Brave Hearts juniors on the water for the first time with Mike at the helm. Not having any other junior crews to race against we were lucky to have the chance for them to race against the Senior A womens crews. Our juniors did such a fantastic job! They were so competitive and their times were amazing! We look forward watching the junior division in Victoria grow over the next few seasons to give our kids a chance to shine against their own. Exciting times ahead!


Well done also to our ladies who competed against 6 other teams in the Survivors & Supporters race taking home the gold. This was a very special moment for Brave Hearts, as we continue to support those touched by a cancer diagnosis.

Our men’s, mixed and women’s crews were also outstanding on the water and we are so proud of everyone who gave it their all to have such a successful day. But we cannot forget our Premier women’s team who fought so hard in all races to bring home a well deserved gold…that made a couple of the junior girls extremely happy:)