Australian Championships Canberra 2019

Posted by Kellie Jones on April 24, 2019

What a fantastic week we’ve had!!!!! We are so proud of our team.

We also have to congratulate our wonderful juniors who joined other juniors from clubs all over the country, to come together and race with the Aus Joeys. The Joeys brought home several medals including:

Gold in the Mixed 10s 2k,
Gold Mixed 10s 500m,
Bronze women’s 20s 500m,
Silver for the Women’s 20s 2k.
Bronze Mixed 10s 200m,
Bronze Open 10s 2k,







Final results for Brave Hearts at the Aus Champs are:

5th in
Snr C mixed 500
Snr B mixed 2km
Snr C mixed 200
Snr B mixed 200
Snr A women 2k
Prem women 500

6th in
Snr A mixed 500
Snr B open 500
Snr B open 2km
Prem women 2k

8th in
SnrA women 500
SnrA women 200
Prem mixed 500
Prem women 200

10th in
SnrC women 500
Prem mixed 200

13th in
SnrC women 200


17 members of Brave Hearts were also involved in the Regional Victorian team.  We were very excited to have this opportunity to represent our state.  This team had a very successful campaign coming away with Gold in the Mixed 500m 20s and Gold in the Womens 500m 10s boats and Silver in the Open 500m 10s.







To our amazing volunteers, Sue, Leonie, Meta, Chris and Kevin, you are the people who enable these events to happen, even under some very trying circumstances. We love to see your smiling faces as we go through marshalling, loading boats or wandering around the venue. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Here are some more of Tony’s photos from Sunday – Premier 500m Mixed and Womens and Aus Joeys.

Photo Credit: Tony Purtell