Victorian State Championships

We had a huge couple of days at the Victorian State Champs at Nagambie this weekend … 13 placings from 14 categories! Awesome result! A big shout out to our Prems also for placing two thirds and one second in the premier division against some amazing competition. Very exciting!!!!


Women’s sweeps race – 3rd
Senior B open 10s 500m – 2nd
Senior B women’s 20s 500m – 2nd
Premier women’s 10s 500m – 3rd
Senior A mixed 20s 500m – 2nd
Premier women’s 10s 200m – 2nd
Senior B open 10s 200m – 2nd
Senior A women’s 20s 200m – 2nd
Senior B women’s 20s 200m – 2nd
Senior B women’s 10s 200m – 1st
Premier mixed 10s 200m – 3rd
Senior A mixed 10s 200m – 1st
Senior B mixed 10s 200m – 1st










Well done to all Brave Hearts, both paddling and volunteering! Congratulations team on a great weekend!


Brave Hearts take on Docklands

Chinese New Year – Docklands. The year of the pig

Brave Hearts hit the big city on Sunday 17th February competing at the CNY Regatta in Docklands. With a good turnout of teams and some hard and fast 200m racing, we had a great day.

It was also a treat to watch and enjoy the lion dance at lunch, as part of the celebration of the CNY Festival. Well done CYSM. Congrats to all of our members, paddling and volunteering… results were as follows:

1st – Senior A Open 10s
1st – Senior A Womens 20s
2nd – Senior A Womens 10s
2nd – Senior A Mixed 20s
3rd – Premier Womens 20s

We now set our sights on the Vic Champs at Nagambie in March…only 4 weeks away! Stay tuned

Brave Hearts head to Canberra

Congratulations to our team of Brave Hearts who competed in Canberra today. Great experience as we prepare for the Aus Champs at Easter. Thank you Canberra…we will be back soon…

Results for Canberra
6th out of 8 – women’s crew
4th out of 7 – open crew
3rd out of 7 – mixed crew


Setting our sites high in Falls Creek…

After a month of extremely hot weather it was quite a shock to encounter freezing cold conditions, fog and rain when we competed up at beautiful Falls Creek on the 26th of January. The change in temperature however didn’t deter our team and we had a fantastic day of racing bringing home 6 trophies: 5 firsts, and 1 third. Results were:

First – Premier Women’s 10s (Gold)
First – Senior A Mixed 10s
First – Senior A Women’s 10s (Purple)
First – Senior A Open 10s
First – Survivors and Supporters race
Third – Senior A Women’s 10s (Gold)


The day started off with an 800m tri-point sweeps challenge. This was a first for DBV, and not having done it before we all thought it was a lot of fun. The challenge came however when the fog rolled in and the buoys became hard to spot, making it a little difficult to see the course.

We were extremely excited to have a full 10s crew of Brave Hearts juniors on the water for the first time with Mike at the helm. Not having any other junior crews to race against we were lucky to have the chance for them to race against the Senior A womens crews. Our juniors did such a fantastic job! They were so competitive and their times were amazing! We look forward watching the junior division in Victoria grow over the next few seasons to give our kids a chance to shine against their own. Exciting times ahead!


Well done also to our ladies who competed against 6 other teams in the Survivors & Supporters race taking home the gold. This was a very special moment for Brave Hearts, as we continue to support those touched by a cancer diagnosis.

Our men’s, mixed and women’s crews were also outstanding on the water and we are so proud of everyone who gave it their all to have such a successful day. But we cannot forget our Premier women’s team who fought so hard in all races to bring home a well deserved gold…that made a couple of the junior girls extremely happy:)



Carrum Regatta 2018

It was a huge day yesterday at the Carrum Regatta, lots of teams, lots of racing and….we brought home some bling! Two firsts and two thirds!

Results are as follows:

First – Sen A Mixed 10s 200m
First – Sen A Womens 20s 500m
Third – Sen A Womens 10s 200m
Third – Sen A Open 10s 200m

With 45 races scheduled for the day we started out with the 2km Mixed Sweeps Race. Premiers and Senior A categories saw us with plenty of racing and filling most categories which was fantastic! Everyone did an outstanding job and it was great to see so many juniors competing. Lots of fun! Thanks also to our volunteers for helping out.

Well done Brave Hearts on a great day!

Winning Gold on home waters!

Albury Regatta Success!

Another fantastic day for Brave Hearts on Sunday at the Albury Regatta, coming away with 7 trophies and some amazing “firsts” for paddlers, drummers, sweeps and teams.

Race day saw 56 Brave Hearts paddlers together with volunteers and officials, eager to race and support our club. We were so proud to watch our 15 Brave Hearts Juniors race in two boats, along with 7 other Rapids Juniors, in the first Junior Category Dragon Boats Victoria has ever had. All of the kids did an outstanding job and had so much fun!

Another highlight for the day was watching our full Open Men’s Crew battle it out to take the gold in the 200m final. For some of these men it was their first regatta, and this was the first full Open crew Brave Hearts have had for some time.


We were also so proud to see our very own fitness coach Narelle take on her first race day as a sweep and she did a fantastic job!

Overall we came home with 7 trophies:

Masters Mixed 20s 500m – third
Premiers Mixed 20s 500m – second
Womens 20s 2000m Sweeps Race – first
Masters Open 10s 200m – first
Junior Open 10s 200m (Rapids Blue) – first
Masters Womens 10s 200m – second
Open 20s 2000m Sweeps Race – third



Well done to all of our new paddlers, both junior and senior, on their first regatta and thankyou to every single Brave Heart for the enormous support you showed our team from the beach. That’s what makes this team so special! We now look forward to our Community Regatta on the 11th of November.
















Success on the water at Nagambie

Nagambie Regatta 9th September 2018



Our first Regatta for the season at Nagambie was an amazing start for Brave Hearts, coming home with two silver medals and one gold! A fantastic effort by all.

The off season training our paddlers undertook certainly paid off, as we fought hard against formidable competition to achieve such great results. We also had five new paddlers competing, including three new juniors, who all paddled brilliantly and had a great day. Suffice to say they are completely hooked!

The day started with a 1000m 20s horseshoe sweeps race; a timed event, lots of fun and a great way to warm up! Then came the 200m races.

Racing in Premiers Women’s 10s, Mixed 10s and Open 10s categories, our Prems did a stellar job against the likes of YRD, Flames and CYSM, earning themselves a spot in a minor final. Our five juniors also got the chance to race with the Melbourne Rapids in two Premier heats and were extremely competitive. Well done everyone.

Our Masters 10s crews were also tested against extremely stiff competition in our Women’s 10s, Mixed 10s and Open 10s races, and we were very excited to earn ourselves a spot in all three finals. Everyone put in an amazing effort and we came through with a silver place in the Mixed 10s and a very close silver in the Women’s 10s, only to miss out on the gold by .3 of a second. Outstanding!

The highlight of the day was watching our amazing crew of Women’s 20s power down the course to earn themselves a spot in the final with a time of 1.03.37. The Final saw them jumping out of the starting blocks, nose in front and in perfect time all the way to cross the finish line with a time of 1.03.32. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD! What a fantastic way to top off the day.

Congratulations to all of our Brave Hearts! Be very proud! Thankyou also to our wonderful volunteers for coming along and supporting us on the day.

We now look forward to the next Regatta, on our lake at Albury/Wodonga on the 14th of October.



DBV Awards Night

Congratulations to all of our Brave Hearts who won awards at the DBV (Dragon Boats Victoria) Annual Awards Night on Sat 2nd June.

Members of our wonderful Club were finalists in all categories;
• Coach of the Year
• Male Paddler of the Year
• Female Paddler of the Year
• Sweep of the Year
• Junior Paddler of the Year
• Volunteer of the Year
• New Initiative of the Year

Of the seven awards the Club was honoured with the following
• Brendan Maher, Regional Male Paddler of the Year
• Nerida Millward, Regional Female Paddler of the Year
• Mike Beazley, New Initiative, Junior Development
• Terry Deans, Volunteer of the Year

Unfortunately Mike and Nerida couldn’t make it on the night to accept their awards so Julie and Pam kindly volunteered to stand in for the photo.

Well done everyone! We are so proud of you and are very excited for what’s to come in the 2018/2019 season.

Brave Hearts Presentation Night

Congratulations to all of our recipients of awards at our Inaugural Awards Night at the Wodonga Golf Club last night.

Most Improved Paddler – Berna Cudars
Rookie of the Year – Berna Cudars
Coaches Award – Narelle Steinke
Member of the Year 2018 – Diane Edmondson

A very big thank you to our sponsors of these awards:

Brandt Johnson, Collective Communications -Coaches Award
Gavin James, Aussie Web Co. – Junior Acknowledgements
Anaconda Stores- Junior Acknowledgements
JPX2 – Member of Year Award

Congratulations also to our five Juniors – Charlotte, Ella, Matt, Tara and Jim who all received certificates, trophies and a voucher/beanie donated by Anaconda, for their fantastic participation over the racing season.

Also a HUGE thank you to our wonderful volunteers who have generously donated their time to help at various Regattas over the season in many different ways. We appreciate your continued support so much.

Lastly we would like to thank Wodonga Mayor Anna Speedie for joining us on the night and to everyone involved in organising the evening, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We all look forward to next season.

Australian Championships 2018

On the 3rd-8th March a large group of Brave Hearts paddlers traveled to sunny Queensland to compete at the Aus Champs 2018 at Kawana Waters.
it was such an amazing week racing against the best in Australia.
Below is a day by day account of our time in Queensland and our success on the water.

Day 1: State vs State.
We had a fantastic day of State racing today, and even though it was hot, all of the paddlers powered through to medals. Results: The junior crew was awesome, showing incredible strength and teamwork to take away 3 bronze medals at the end of the day, in the mixed, open and women’s categories. The Regional team earned four bronze in the mixed standard, womens, open and relay categories. Senior C crews also wore bronze bling after a successful day, in women’s, mixed, open and relay. Congratulations to all of the paddlers involved today…we look forward to the Premier crew and Aus Joeys racing tomorrow.
Day 2- Premier 500mtrs 10s events.
Wow what another incredible day of racing. We started the day with our Mixed 10s crew who came third in their heat and advanced straight to the semi final where we placed third making us the 9th fastest Mixed crew in Aus.
Next came our Women’s 10s crew; our heat put us 4th. We progressed through to the repicharge and found the strength and power needed to bring home a win with an incredible race, which was won by a boats length. Advancing through to the semi-final in which we took out fourth place ranking the team 8th fastest in Aus.
The Open 10s crew raced a fantastic heat which saw them come 5th taking them into the repicharge where they placed 3rd. Unfortunately this was as far as they could progress.
Our five juniors raced amazingly with the Joeys and I’m proud to say brought home some medals. One Gold, One Silver and One Bronze.


Day 3- Premiers 200m 10s, Joeys 200m 10s and standard, and 2km Premier women’s turn race.
Another exceptional days racing today in very wet and windy conditions. Premiers raced 200mtrs with our mixed 10s team coming 9th overall and our women’s 10s team achieving 7th overall at National level. Very fast and powerful races for both crews. Our Joeys brought home more medals today with another gold, silver and bronze to add to their collection.
Our 2km turn races were held at the end of the day but the weather wasn’t kind. Huge rain and wind made it difficult for the women’s crew but they paddled hard to finish 10th overall. So very proud to say our premiers crew resulted with 5x top ten finishes.
Tomorrow will see the Sen A, B and C crews hit the water so stay tuned…
Day 4. Senior A, Senior B and Senior C results.
It was a great start to the morning’s racing with the Senior B 500m Mixed crew going straight through to the Grand Final in awesome style. The competition was tough but they powered away earning their place to become the 5th fastest crew in Australia!
Our Senior A crew did a phenomenal job in their 500m Mixed Heat, coming second to send them through to the semi final. After giving everything they had our Senior A’s are now 8th fastest in the the country. Very exciting!
Our Senior C Women’s 500m crew powered through their heat making a very strong 3rd. Unfortunately the weather then took a turn for the worse and the organisers made the tough decision to cancel the rest of the days racing.
Overall it was a successful day and we are looking forward to our last day of racing 200m tomorrow, to wrap up our Nationals campaign.
Day 5- Senior A, B and C 200m 10s races and Mixed Senior B and Senior C 1kms sweeps races.
We won two bronze!!!!!!! Senior B Mixed 10s 200m and Senior B mixed 1km sweeps race. Never before in the history of the club have we won two medals at a national campaign. These medals not only belong to the ones who have them hanging around their neck but also to those that have raced in other events, volunteered and supported our team all season. We are so excited to be bringing these bronze medals home to our lake.
Senior A mixed crews powered through their races qualifying for their semis and resulting in 8th overall. Senior A open crew which was made up with five women had an amazing day pushing through the odds and racing against teams of 10 men. They gave it their all and made it through to the semi finals holding the position of 16th out of 22 entries.
This is the first time that Brave Hearts has ever had a full team of Senior C women. They raced in the 200m 10s boat and the 1km sweeps race. Powering home through their heat and repercharge they placed in the top ten in both events.
We’ve finished off our nationals campaign with a top ten placing in all but one event. We fly home tomorrow tired but proud of our accomplishments.
Look out for what next season brings…….
GO BRAVE HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!